My Alligator Purse

Remember the nursery rhyme about "in came the doctor, in came the nurse, in came the lady with the alligator purse" At the end of the rhyme the lady with the alligator purse fixes all.

I don't have any medical training. But I feel like the last several months have educated me beyond belief. I now know lots about miscarriage, pregnancy, and preventative care.

So welcome to my bag of tricks. I will share my information with you. Information I have gathered from hundreds of ladies in the same position as I. I'm not an expert at anything, except maybe my family. My 'tricks' won't work for everyone, but they worked for me.

So have fun perusing this site. I hope you smile, learn, and cry. That's what life is about.

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  1. I discovered your blog a few minutes ago when I read what you wrote about what our current lifestyle is doing to our children, and then I kept reading. Your words are an echo to those I scream from my closest held anguish as I witness the pain so many of us are struggling with and I push through the days trying to create moments of happiness for myself and all I encounter. Your writing is honest and needed. I hope you have a wonderful day today and I would enjoy connecting with you if you write back. For now, I'm heading off to my preschool classroom where I will try to -- at the very least -- to make each child (and myself) happy in our moments together.