Friday, September 13, 2019

And then he was 15

We had a great plan this morning.  Its Friday the 13th, ominous to start, but it is also his 15th birthday.  But my teen is oh so BUSY.  He is part of Color Guard, the only boy.  He has willingingly embraced learning dance, wearing make up and figuring out how to put on tights.  These lessons have already made him a more compassionate man to the female gender.

Today the best I could do to celebrate was Starbucks before school.  But then everything went wrong.  He overslept, he slept through his phone ringing with birthday wishes, he didn't hear his alarm.  My boy is tired. 

He apologized for not being able to go to Starbucks.  I told him it was fine.  I made him a lunch, something I haven't done in years.  He is so responsible that he just handles his life.  I drove him to school and told him that my only wish for his is to know that he is loved.  We could look at this morning, the first day of 15 as an omen that the rest of the year will be a Cluster.  But instead let's focus on the family that was there to help him.

He got to school and I was telling him to have a great day.  He said, "Mom can you just text me everything?  I'm sorry.  I'm just so late."  And I was proud.  He is so upset this morning and its such a disappointing way to start his 15th rotation around the sun.  But even in his angst he remembered to be kind and compassionate, something that some adults are incapable of.  He showed me just how big he is and how close to adulthood.  Happy 15th Birthday, my son.