Thursday, December 13, 2018

ADHD Adventures

Life is challenging as an ADHD mom with 3 kids with ADHD.  Most days are putting out fires and being

So today I am fixing an ADHD doctor mess. And I'm frazzled. And rushing to do everything. And I walk back to the waiting room and she's GONE. So I say out loud, "great! I lost her again!". And it was a full waiting room. And I know they heard me complaining. Every single adult points to the bathroom.... "She's in there!". Lol. I laughed and said, "thank goodness. I have already lost her once today!"

I was with my village.  Every single parent nodded their head and said, "we get ADHD.  We are your tribe."  I almost cried.

Because ADHD is hard.  Its really hard.  Its insomnia, diet, school work, social life, maturity... balancing all of those things so that your child doesn't take too much medicine that they stop sleeping and start losing weight.  Or deciding that losing 2 pounds is okay, but losing 3 pounds is not okay.  Or they should stop taking medicine until they grow an inch.  And then finding the right team of professional to support both you AND your child.

I felt at home in that doctors office... the one who doesn't take insurance, so now I have to weigh the pros and cons of spending a lot of money on health care.  The receptionist gave me that smile of understanding when I apologized for rushing in and bypassing the room full of patients.  And I was at home with people who HAVE to know what ADHD is.

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