Thursday, September 17, 2015

The 1%

This is the 1%.  This is

At least 50% of the time the children are screaming, crying, fighting, bargaining, whining, ignoring, and destroying.

Another 30% of the time they are sleeping.

At least 19% of the time they are at school, presumably being wonderful and smart for someone else.  But I don't get to witness those wonderful moments.

But 1% of the time they are wonderful and sweet
- when the 3 year old does the sign of the cross mostly right at church without anyone's prompting.
- when the 7 year old says "Mom, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well."
- when the nearly 9 year old helps the baby walk down the stairs.
- when the 5 year old unveils his puppy-dog eyes and asks for a squishy hug.

I photograph and blog about the 1% because time will take the other 99% away and all I will be left with is that 1%.  That 1% is what ensures our species will live on.

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  1. it is always lovely to read about your ecperiences. you tell them in such a heartier way that it makes me want to get int ot he spirits myself