Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Did It!

I don't like making New Year's Resolutions, instead I prefer to call them goals. One of my goals this year was to learn a new craft and I wasn't sure what that was going to be. Each quilt I have made has gotten more and more complicated and I really enjoy challenging myself. But this time I decided to make a dress for Eleanor. I really love the classic styled dresses and there just aren't enough out there to choose from. I figured if I could learn to make a simple dress I could change the look of it with different fabrics and embellishments.

I chose a Simplicity Pattern and some pretty heart fabric, perfect for Valentines' Day. I vowed to read all the directions multiple times and follow them to a T. Something I don't always do with quilting, which is part of the appeal for me. If it said to press a seam, I pressed a seam. I also pinned fabric before sewing, something I don't normally do. Even with all the reading and following directions I had to rip out and redo seams multiple times. I had to take the directions to my mother and ask her to interpret them for me. It was a long and hard process from just cutting the fabric all the way to the end. I know the back still isn't done correctly, but since it hangs okay and she is usually laying on the back of the dress I called it good.

Honestly, I would have given up on the dress long ago, probably after the 4th time I tried sewing the peter pan collar. But I figured it was a good lesson for the kids on not giving up and sticking with a project even though its hard. On that note I think I will be making another dress of the same pattern. I am hoping this time it won't be so difficult and I can use that as an opportunity to teach the kids about practice making it perfect. I even have a color scheme and notions already picked out in my head. I am hoping this second go at it won't be so daunting.


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