Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why Soccer is Awesome

We are playing A LOT of soccer.  Lainy Ann is on a club team this year and is also the goalie.  We decided to also have her play AYSO this year.  That puts her total number of practices at 5 per week and up to 3 games each weekend.  Soccer is great for her for so many reasons, but this week she came home and told me a story.

Lainy Ann will not be able to attend a 6 pm Sunday soccer game 90 minutes from home because of her commitment to FLL Robotics.  We discussed is with the coach and decided he would be able to find other players to sub and since this isn't a league game it would be okay for Lainy Ann to miss.  Lainy Ann is the keeper.  She is the only keeper.  She plays goalie for the entire game, every game.  The team and the parents depend on her.  She is fearless and that makes her a good goalie.

Her teammates were dismayed when they found out she wasn't going to be at the game.  Several said, "What are we going to do without you?"  She replied, "Its okay.  You guys will do fine without me.  When we first started playing I would touch the ball 20 or 30 times during a game.  You all have gotten so good that I only touch the ball a few times during games."

This is why we play soccer.  Teamwork.  Plain and simple.  She is part of a team, part of a whole.

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