Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Whipping Cream Drink

I have two skinny-minis in our family.  They were always tiny and skinny  It was just part of their DNA.  But once they started taking Daytrana it became a real struggle to keep the calories on them - especially with all of their physical activities.  

My husband suggested the kids drink whipping cream.  This is much preferable to the doctor's suggestion of nightly milkshakes and ice cream - which just causes tantrums in a family of 5 children.  I was trying to give them pediasure for a while too - but the chemicals, additives, corn syrup and dyes make me nervous.

Whipped Cream snack is a whole food and I know exactly what is going into it.  Although I am adding sugar, you can add honey, agave, or even stevia - depending on your sugar preference.  

Each night before bedtime I make the 2 kids a glass of whipping cream.  Whipping cream by itself is pretty bland so I add a bit of vanilla extract and a tsp of sugar as well. 

The goal for me is the snack has to be easy.  I could also make smoothies, but then I am stuck making a lower calorie one for the non-skinnies and then I have to clean the blender.

 After the ingredients are added I stir it all together. 

Whipping cream is 50 calories per tablespoon.  The above serving is approximately a cup putting the caloric intake at 821 +sugar.  

Some people have mentioned that the children should be eating healthier calories.  I agree, but healthier calories are usually a lower calorie count.  We usually make up the difference in calories with fast food hamburgers, fast food milkshakes, or even ice cream.  I can't imagine any of those things are healthier than a drink with 3 ingredients.

The drink is a little cost prohibitive at $6 a quart.  However, pediasure isn't too cheap either.  I believe I got 6 servings out of the quart - so $1/serving.  I plan on looking for an organic less expensive brand in the future.

Finally, I am happy to report a cut-down on sleep-eating.  My medicated kids get so hungry between 10 pm and 6 am that I have found an entire box of granola bars empty or 1/2 dozen pumpkin muffins gone.  Its a struggle not getting mad when they are eating, however, they are eating overnight and not rebrushing teeth.  Plus, it has been very unpleasant finding missing food or crumbs in beds.  With the high fat content of this drink the kids feel fuller longer and don't get hungry, which is why they get it at bedtime. 

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