Monday, September 16, 2013

Webelos year

We are kicking off a new scouting year in all the dens and the pack. Connors first den meeting of the year is this evening so we spent Sunday evening talking about the transition from sub scouts to Webelos. We got out his book and talked about how he would need to start keeping track of his achievements as he works towards arrow of light.
We paged through the book looking at all the activity badges, checking off the badges he has completed. Often times Connor would say, "I haven't done that one". And I would assure him that he had during camp in which I was the leader. He kept repeating, 'wow. I have done a lot' over and over.
I told him that I have been working really hard to ensure he achieves all 20 activity badges and although it seems we do soccer all.the.time. That the reality is that I spend even more time reading, thinking, planning and researching opportunities for him to earn his badges.  He was pretty pleased and gave me a big 'thank you' hug.
We really do a lot of soccer these days, but we try very hard to ensure all the kids are doing all of 'their' activity - trumpet, flute, soccer, baseball, scouts or robotics.  Scouting is Connor's thing and he will get his Super Achiever patch next year.

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