Sunday, September 15, 2013

Science In Chores

We have a lot more chores to do these days.  With all the volunteer work I am doing the kids are having to pitch in more, and they are getting older, so they are capable of it.  Today I asked Lainy Ann to disassemble a car seat for washing.  I felt a little guilty about it as that chore is clearly a 'parent chore' rather than dishes which is an everyone chore.

But as I set her to work on the project I realized that she is having to reverse engineer the car seat and figure out how it works to take is apart.  I gave her no other instruction other than "take the cover off".  She did great with the task and accomplished it quickly.

As we have really begun studying engineering and science with robotics it is amazing to discover engineering all around us.  Its been great fun for the kids to do basic engineering tasks - and being gender neutral when assigning them.

The previous day she had mopped the floor and the water on the floor was beading due to oil splatter.  We had a long discussion about oil and water mixing and the use of soap to cut the grease.  She observed the differences and was able to clean the floor.  Connor asked what was going on and she then explained to Connor about oil and water.  Connor responded, "Lainy Ann, I have mopped a floor before."

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