Sunday, August 4, 2013

WEBELOs SuperNova Award Camp

Many years ago when Connor was just a wee little Tiger Cub and we were new to the whole scouting thing my son looked up at me during the bridging ceremony for the Arrow of Lights and said "Mom I want the heavy shoulder patch"  The award is called different things - but my favorite patch is the Super Achiever patch that looks like a 20 with all the pictures of the pins embroidered on it.  He decided when he was 6 years old that he would achieve all of the activity badges available to him.

And that is how we scout.  I scour the awards and plan our summers around earning belt loops and pins.  We attend scout camps, hike, camp, go to museums, cook outside, dissect squid, and more.  With 3 boys within 2 years of each other (and an adventurous big sister) scouting has been something we are very committed to.

I figured I would lead one or two of the activity badges for Connor's den to ensure he had the opportunity to complete them all.  But when I was asked to lead the camp and six activity badges I decided it would be a great opportunity for Connor to get a big head start on his goal.

It was decided that the scouts would earn their Dr. Charles H. Townes Supernova Award; which includes at least 6 activity badges.  We choose to accomplish the Engineer Activity badges, Forester Activity Badge, Geologist Activity Badge, Scholar Activity Badge, Scientist Activity Badge, and Naturalist Activity Badge.  Scouts also went on a field trip to the Rosemont Preserve and listened to speakers; including a Geologist and an Engineer.

After doing tons of research I discovered had lots of the hard work already completed for me - worksheets, crosswords, activities and more.  I decided which activities we would complete and printed the pages that would meet our needs.  After printing I had a 96-page document; including resources regarding southern California native plants and worksheets I created for the Scientist Activity badge.  The book was printed and given to each scout to complete as proof of earning the Supernova Award.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel so I have linked to the document below.  The document is 96-pages of workbook, another 20ish pages of astronaut themed skits and songs (not original) and instructions for teaching the requirements to scouts in a fun and exciting way.

I spent many hours researching, compiling, creating, copying, fixing, molding and preparing for this award.  Many other websites helped to contribute to my success including and and‎ and‎.

After spending a week with 40 WEBELO scouts talking about science, nature, engineering, college, Bernoulli, Pascal, Newton, sage brush, oak trees, scat, inertia, and more this cannot be anymore true. Every single day the boys made a filthy horrible mess of broken spaghetti, foam explosions etc and every single day they cleaned it up. Montrose Bowl said he has never had a more well-mannered group visit his bowling alley and it was cleaner after we left. Rosemont Preserve said that the boys already knew quite a bit about the native plant life before the hike.

I am so proud of the scouting organization. So pleased about what it is doing for boys and girls. This past week my daughter (10) acted as a den chief - she was an assistant leader to 20 siblings all week long. In addition she helped set up and take down camp every day.

By being involved in scouting we are teaching our children to be responsible, to work hard, to play hard and to learn lots. I am so grateful for this opportunity for them.

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