Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Parents Expectations

Another year is upon us and I anxiously await the reveal of which teachers my children will be assigned to.  Fingers are crossed that it won't be a horribly miserable year like last year.  And because of last year I can be honest about what I expect.  I know I will be getting lists of expectations from the school and teachers in quadruplicate (because if I sign it 4 times then I must *really* mean it).  But here is my list of expectations for the year:

1.  I expect you to love teaching and to love children.  Seems pretty simple.  But just in case its not; do not make my child cry, do not make my child fear you, do not humiliate my child, do not blame my child for your poor classroom management skills.  FYI, Stockholm syndrome is not okay.

2. I expect you to treat me like a partner.  I know you will be with my child for 9 months, but I am *really* invested in his/her success.  After all I carried that child for 9 month, potty trained, agonized over the right time to start school, painstakingly chose after-school activities to find the right balance between learning and fun.  My only goal is to make my child successful in life. I want to help you succeed in the same goal, so when I ask you what I can do to help at home I expect a real answer, not "I don't know."

3. I expect you to treat me with respect.  I may be *just* a stay at home mom.  But I am busy.  Some days I wish I had a job so just I could have a sick day.  But I can't.  I have 5 young children who each have 3-4 extra curricular activities.  Activities that I am leading!  So, yes, I have a job.  I expect you to recognize that there are other things going on in our lives than just your class.  And I expect you to not send home a letter that says I have to drag 5 children at dinner time to the local office supply store to buy the purple three-ring binder you have requested for tomorrow.  Because if I don't my daughter will be humiliated, cry and get detention for something she has no control over.
Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.
4.  I expect you to trust me.  I *might* know a little about my child, just a tad.  So when I decide my child needs a mental health day, or its better that s/he is late and have 15 extra minutes in the morning rather than rushing and ruining the day, perhaps you should just trust me.  I also may only send my child with a sandwich and grapes for lunch because we are having food-choice issues.  I also may take my kids out of school and go to Florida for a week to watch a space shuttle launch.  I guarantee that that family trip is just as important as your class, if not more important.

If you treat me with the above expectations I will sing your praises far and wide.  When you request (with a one week notice) that I send in extra kleenex and pencils, I will likely do so.  When you ask for volunteers to drive on a field trip, cut construction paper or help lead a science activity -- I am your gal.  I want to be there.  I want to help you.  I have been a teacher.  It is exhausting, you have 26+ students in your classroom who look up to you to nurture and teach them.  That is a hard job and it is getting harder every year.  But it doesn't have to be hard.  Ask me to help you.

I expect to have a good school year.  Because if we don't I know how to contact the district office.


Mama Bear

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