Saturday, August 3, 2013

Geeky-Girls are geeks too!

I am a mom.  Every part of me is "mother".  Every activity and choice I make is to ensure we are bettering our children and helping them grow into wonderful adults.

That's why I am raising a geeky-girl.  That is why I am teaching programming classes and coach.
I am a geek-mom, raising my daughter to be a geek. She programs in Scratch, she plays with robots, we play board games on the weekend. She is surrounded with nerdiness and science - and so are her brothers. I hope I am raising the next generation of geeky girls and the boys who love and accept them.

Our world has a host of problems to solve; fuel, environment, health and medicine, economics.  These children are our future and not just the boys.  The girls have just as much to contribute not because they are equals, but because girls think differently than boys.  They tend to work more collaboratively and think more before trying to solve a problem.  Boys and girls -- men and women -- need to work together to solve the problems of our future.  Its okay to be a geeky-girl or a geeky-boy.  We are all on the same team.  Let's work together.

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