Saturday, July 6, 2013

Poopy Gummy Bear

At grandma's house this week papa spoiled our kids by giving them gummy bears with breakfast (a breakfast of donuts).  Each child got 3 gummy bears.  My darling Alexander offered me one of his 3 gummy bears.  I wasn't really in a gummy bear mood - but I thought it was important to be positive when he offers such a prized possession.  I ate his sweaty gummy bear.

Then I discovered he had dirty hands - except they were covered in poop because he didn't wipe properly nor did he wash his hands properly.  I just ate a poop covered gummy bear.

Fast forward 2-days:  I was up most of the night with intestinal discomfort.  In the morning I realized my stomach is fine provided there is no food in it.  Great.

Fast-forward another day and a half and I am diagnosed with strep throat.  I am convinced that my immune system was so busy fighting the poopy-gummy bear that it couldn't fight off a simple case of strep.

So, as a mommy always does, I worked cub scout camp while sick with strep throat.

Trying to focus on my son's kind gesture instead of the fact that he infected me.

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