Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pass it On Lesson Scratch

Pass It On

What can we create by building on others' work?

In this activity, you’ll create a project that others will remix to extend and reimagine.

First, develop an animated Scratch project in which you experiment with developing characters, coordinating interactions or conversations, and switching backdrops to create different scenes for the project. Then, add your project to the Pass It On studio for others to view and remix.

After you've shared your project, choose someone else's Pass It On project from the studio. Remix the selected project, and then post your remixed version to the Pass It On studio for others to continue.

Activity Walkthrough

Here's our checklist for this activity...

• Create a short starter animation project (e.g. a story, a joke, a music video, a slideshow) for others to remix or extend. Make sure your project has multiple sprites and includes coordinated interactions between those sprites.
• Add your project to the Pass It On studio.
• Choose another project from the Pass It On studio to remix and build upon.
• Add your remix to the studio to pass on to other participants.

When I completed this assignment for #CCOW I only completed the first half of the project.  It would be valuable to complete both halves of the project because I find I have learned as much if not more from simply seeing other's code and how they solved problems.  Making use of the studio is imperative for adults doing self-learning.  The studio can be used for kids too, but with supervision.

Here is my solution to the Pass It On: 

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