Thursday, July 18, 2013

Growing Wings

Its been an exciting summer for our family.  We are all growing and venturing off in new and exciting ways.  The biggest of this though is Connor's adventures without his family.

Months ago he told us he wanted to go to Cub Scout Residence camp, so we set out to buy him his own tent so he could do a test run with us during family camping.  We went to Rocket Academy as a family and he tented alone - he carried his own gear, put up his tent and took it down (mostly) on his own.  He slept alone and was responsible for his own water, sunscreen and clothing.  It was hard.

It went well and he did two more practice runs with the tent in our driveway.  Then he was ready to go to camp - alone - without me.  I wasn't worried so much about bears or him being away, just the little stuff like making sure he stayed hyrdrated and wore sunscreen.

He had the best time EVER at camp and never did want to come home.  He stayed hydrated, he swam in the pool twice a day, he enjoyed movie night, leather working, weaving survival bracelets.  He did not get sunburned and he loved every second of it.

All of it was in preparation for his trip to Canada.  Yup.  Canada.  Be still my beating heart.

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