Sunday, May 5, 2013

Real Food

I spend a lot of time reading labels, shopping organic or all-natural, avoiding excessive sugar and all dyes.  My kids get 'bad stuff' only about a dozen times a year - birthday parties, Easter and Christmas.  But even so, I take a lot of short cuts.  We eat baby carrots, and lots of fresh ready to eat foods.  It is just easier with our crazy schedule.

But I recently watched a TED talk by Jaime ____ about how low-income children couldn't even recognize certain vegetables in their whole form.  So, although my children eat quite a bit of peas, I don't think they would recognize whole peas or even a pea plant.  We are going to start trying more whole foods, cooking more, and experimenting more.

Last week I purchased whole carrots - up until this point I always bought baby carrots in a ziploc bag - easy and ready to eat.  But this week I bought a whole bunch of them with the greens still attached.

I showed Alexander the carrots when I got back from the store, "Wow!  You got carrots.  Real ones.  Like the ones bunnies eat!"

The kids helped me prepare the carrots, skin them and cut them.  Then they disappeared!  The kids ate the carrots in record time.

Next Challenge:  Eggplant

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