Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moments of Awesome in the Middle of Busy

Today Eleanor hugged her oversized flower cookie from Panera.  She told Aunt Cristina all about it.  Exclaimed "my flow-ler cookie" then hugged it, then ate it.  It was the cutest thing ever!

Yesterday Alexander told me that people die when they are 100 and then they are buried in the ground.  He doesn't want to be buried in the ground so he is not going to turn 100.  I asked him how he was going to do that.  He told me that after he turn 99 he will just stop having birthdays.  (bonus: he can clearly count to 100, a Kinder standard, at 4 years old)

William, today, said, "remember when we saw the moon come up over the mountain when we were camping?"  I do remember that.  I remember telling the kids and them being half-hearted about it and going back to watching the fire crackle.  But he remembers it fondly now.  He told me he had never seen the moon rise like that before.  Then he launched into a discussion about why the moon is bigger when it is first coming up rather than after it has already risen.  Then he wanted to know if it is called a sunset, then what is it when a moon goes down.

Connor is chatting with me.  Online.  He is learning the importance of completing a thought.  I am able to teach him and use big words with him - thus teaching him a bigger vocabulary.  Since I can multi-task we can have uninterrupted conversations about fun things.  He also really likes emoticons.  He also likes typing bad words into the thesaurus.  And giggling about it.

Lainy Ann is big.  She is starting to recognize when I am stressed or tired and tries to fix it.  I fel badly about this and tell her its not her job to fix everything, its her job to be a girl.  But she is a fixer (like her mom).  When Eleanor gets really upset Lainy Ann helps her to take deep breaths and calm down.  When I ask her if we should get a dog she gives me rational reasons why its a bad idea.  She is officially big.  I can have real conversations with her about life.  Its scary and wonderful at the same time.

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