Monday, May 13, 2013

Lesson 5** - SCRATCH

Share projects students completed at home.  Did anyone make Rock, Paper Scissors?

Review the tools learned from the last 4 lessons:

  • Variable (keeping score)
  • Sub-routines
  • broadcast
  • forever block
  • if-else block

Get into pairs.  Explain the benefits of programming in pairs.

Create a pop quiz with 3 questions and 3 answers.
Create a reward animation when answer is correct.
Change the costume of the sprite to the color/answer.
Keep a tally/score

Color questions:
What do blue and yellow make?
What do red and blue make?
What do yellow and red make?

Math equations:

Shape Questions:
What has 3-sides?
What has right angles?

** This assignment is derived from another project found online:

Assignment 1
Pop Quiz (#9)
1. Choose a quiz topic (Examples: colors, parts of a cell, vocabulary words . . .)
2. Create a list of possible answers
3. Create a Sprite to "ask the question."
4. Allow user to type in an answer
5. Compare user's answer to question
6. Provide user feedback to tell the user if they are correct or incorrect.

1. Keep score of correct answers.
2. Give a final percentage of correct answers.
3. Use movement and sounds to make game entertaining.

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