Friday, April 26, 2013

Rocket Academy: Before

It feels like vacation at our house.  It is Friday morning before we head off for Rocket Academy this afternoon.  It kind of is like vacation.  We are vacationing from tball, soccer, Girl Scouts, and kittens.  We are even leaving destructo-toddler at home with grandma.  It would be a vacation if there were a nice 1000-count down comforter to look forward too.  Unfortunately, we are camping.

Or fortunately, depends on how you look at it.  We have been running crazy doing too much.  Caskey has been out of town.  This camping trip will be with friends.  There is no cooking.  And there will be so many activities that the kids will entertain themselves.  Their best friends are coming with us.  I have big plans of sitting in the shade and making paracord bracelets.

I even let Lainy Ann stay home from school today.  That poor child has been practicing soccer and softball 5 hours a week, getting to bed late and playing games on the weekends.  Plus, sssshhhh, don't tell, she will be a big help in getting ready to go camping today.

So we set out on another camping adventure.  The last time we went camping Eleanor was 9 months old and refused to nap the whole weekend and Alexander got lost.  Since then the kids have grown by 2 years, we are leaving Eleanor at home, and I have taken BALOO training - so we are better equipped.  The best part about the whole weekend is that there will be plenty of activities - science activities.

Wish us luck.

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