Monday, April 29, 2013

Lesson Plan 3: Scratch Programming

Review last weeks lesson.  Did the students do any exciting projects with Scratch since last week?

Get into pairs of students.
Give student A a number written on a 3x5 card
Student B needs to guess the number on Student A's card.
range 1-10

Repeat the exercise with the range 1-100

Discuss the strategies used to guess the number.

Any person can guess any number buy using a process of elimination within 10 guesses.  By simply guessing the median of a range of numbers.  The responder then replies with one of three responses; correct, too high, or too low.  The guesser's 2nd guess is again the median of the remaining numbers, and so on.  

The computer will 'think' of a number (use 'random number'
Student will guess the number
range 1-10

repeat assignment range 1-100

discuss the implications of doing the assignment 1-1000

Extension activity:
Student chooses the number.
The computer guesses the answer.

Extension Activity 2:
Add code that counts the number of guesses required to find the answer.  At the end of the program the sprite should tell the player how many guesses it took.

Use "change n by"
Use a "say" line
Use a "join" line to make a sentence.

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