Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coding for Kids Lesson 1

Why is programming important?
What is coding?
Importance of everyone learning coding.  Use the example that even though most of us don't want to be authors or write novels, each of us has been taught to read and write.  The same is true for coding.  We all need to know basic coding skills regardless of what profession we choose.
There are 1 million jobs in America that are unfilled by Americans.

Students will give instructions to the teacher about opening a door.  It will be demonstrated that the instructions need to be specific, an exact number of steps, exact amount of turning etc.  I will explain that the robot in light-bot needs to be told exactly what to do.  

Students will go to amorgames.com and play Light-bot.  They will work at their own pace.  After the majority of students get to level 5 we will stop and explain functions.

Functions are sub-threads or instructions within the instructions.  By using a function you are telling the robot which set of instructions to use next.  

Students will continue to work at their own pace.  Three of the students passed level 10, the rest were between level 7-9.  

Class was dismissed.  No homework was assigned.  Student were encouraged to continue to practice at home.  

Extension Activities:  
See who can finish a level with the least amount of spaces used.
See who can finish a level with the least amount of extra movements - most directly.  

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