Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hand Me Downs

Now that my kids are getting older I have started getting rid of baby stuff; gear, clothes, books, toys, etc.  In the beginning I wanted to just toss everything in the trash.  But as I started to sort through clothing and toys memories started to come back to me; favorite outfits, first trips, an old paint stain on a pair of 18 mo old pink shorts.  I realized there were just some things I couldn't get rid of - thus my 'if I ever get a niece/nephew/grandchildren-pile' was born.

But other items of clothing were just as cute and wonderful.  Knowing that my three boys and sometimes a fourth (Joe) wore some of these clothes made it difficult to simply put in a Goodwill pile.  So I shipped them to Washington where a friends lived.  Other clothes went to a friend who we was on our t-ball team.  I ripped off the band-aid to never see the clothes again, knowing that I had eased the financial burden for another family.  My good deed was done.

But I never imagined how much joy *I* would get from seeing these little boys wear our clothing.  It always catches me by a surprise; a picture on Facebook or running into them at Scouts.  Its funny because I often forget who I have given which pieces of clothing too.  I find myself commenting, "what a cute outfit" or "I think we had a similar shirt" when the mother corrects me and says, "you gave that to us!".

Its been fun watching these little boys grow up, love, laugh, play and get dirty in the same clothes that my boys wear.  Its like we are welcoming them into our family as well.  They are making the same memories with their sons in the same clothing.  What a great gift for me and for them.

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