Friday, February 8, 2013

Spicy Baby Girl

I kissed the baby and I really shouldn't have.  She tastes like a mixture of Starburst-flavored lip gloss and pizza-explosion Goldfish crackers.  Blech.  Not a good combination before I have even had breakfast.

Eleanor thinks she is big.  In addition to her non-stop chattering (regardless if anyone is in the room with her or not), she is in charge.  She will go into the kitchen, open a bag of Goldfish and put some in a baggie for a snack (which accounts for her spicy flavoring this morning).  She does the same for all meals; getting our utensils, cups, and plates.  She will bring me shoes, socks and a jacket and proclaim "go outside".  And hold on to your hat if the big kids are walking to school without her.  She does not want to be left out, which is why I have been carrying her out of the preschool kicking and screaming for the last month.  She thinks she is big.  

Much to the dismay of the public.  I let her play with the big kids and as a result she is fairly sure footed.  I allow her to run back and forth and climb on 5 foot walls.  I don't worry about her falling - until I start getting the stink-eye from strangers.  Then I am more worried about the judging.  In fact, after several people told me my daughter "shouldn't be playing like that" I decided to retrieve her.  At which point she ran from me and fell and hit her head.  I should have just let her be.  After 5 kids and 10 years of parenting I still cave to peer pressure.  *sigh*

Miss Eleanor adores her big sister and has stolen her lip gloss - which accounted for the fruity flavor this morning.    Eleanor likes to play soccer with Lainy Ann, scooter, wander the yard looking at flowers, everything.  I was worried about their age difference when Eleanor was born.  While they won't have a sister rivalry like I did with my sister I know that Lainy Ann will do anything for Eleanor.  

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