Friday, February 8, 2013

Missing Keys

An email hubby sent to his work colleagues today.  This is just so indicative of our life for the last 10 years.  See Missing Monster Van Key for corroboration.   

Sigh.  Despite ten years of training to the contrary I have again committed the fatal mistake of putting down something important and leaving it unattended.  One of my delightful bundles of joy has picked up and then put down my car keys somewhere (hopefully) inside the house. 
Half-hour in beds have been tossed, toy boxes up-ended, furniture moved, and still no luck with the search.  Next up, interrogating a 2 year old with goldfish like recall.  This afternoon I'll approach the 4 year old with the attention span of a puppy on meth once he's back from pre-school.  Since that never works I'll likely have to offer the older ones a cash reward if they can locate them. 
I've already missed the shuttle and since there's no meetings today I'll likely OnDuty-FH if I do find them. 

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