Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Remodeling is Learning

We remodeled our house and that project is D.O.N.E.  Just putting it into a sentence like that doesn't explain the amount of fun, crazy, experience, learning, wonderfulness that happened for our family.

1.  Many many times the children were allowed to assist in bending rebar, handing screws, walking on wood, picking up rocks, hiding in ditches, jousting on the studs and much more.

2. The kids DID so many things; they helped with electrical, networking the house, running speaker wire, laying carpet, painting, moving, sorting, hauling, cleaning rocks, hammering, screwing, vacuuming drywall dust.  It was an education.

3. Every day I would pick the kids up from school and update them on the days activities.  They loved coming home and seeing the progress that had been done while they were at school.

4.  They loved the tile store.  LOVED.  I went to dozens of tile stores multiple times.  We needed tile for 2 bathrooms and I just couldn't decide.  Every time we went they were allowed to bring along their Nintendo DSs.  Of course they loved it.

5. My kids are troopers.  They adapted incredibly well.  Eleanor took naps while they jackhammered.  The kids happily rode as I drove to stores looking for sinks on school nights during dinner time.  They were understanding when I had to make last minute changes to our schedule because I needed to meet with the tile guy or the plumber.  

6. Lots of fast food.  Lots.  Not just because I had spent so much time running errands or making decisions, but sometimes because I couldn't get into the kitchen or because the electricians left without turning my power back on.

7. Patience.  The children learned the value of patience; the value of putting up with minor inconvenience for a beautiful home.  They learned the value of going without (giving up Disneyland passes) so you can buy something else instead.  The children are incredibly happy and thriving in our new space and any sacrifices we have had to make are completely worth it to them.

8. Connor is brave.  One of the main reasons to get this done now rather than wait another year is Connor was becoming increasingly unhappy sharing space with his 2 younger brothers.  He had no space of his own and his personality is completely different than the other two boys.  As soon as his "new" room was clean and available he started sleeping in it - even though that meant he slept "next door" for a while without electricity and a bathroom.

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