Friday, December 28, 2012

William Morris Projects - draft

Last year I ran across a blog called Pancakes and French Fries that was about creating an intentional home.  This sounded just like the thing I needed with 7 people in a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1,300 square foot house.  The problem is that I save a lot of stuff.  I have good reason though.  We will always have a next child that will need it.  Well, this past year I started getting rid of things that were no longer going to be needed.  We finally have an end, a last child.  So, good friends from scouts received boxes and boxes of baby clothes, bouncer, swing, exersaucer, etc.  As we started emptying the house and garage in preparation of remodeling we went through many more boxes and really evaluated the need for 15 staplers, 3 hole punches, reams of colored paper, stacks of binders, and more.  Over the years and offices and job we had collected tons of stuff.  Stuff that no longer had a real need in our lives.  So we simplified our current life by getting rid of the clutter and improved the lives of those around us by donating to schools, churches and friends.  My very favorite first grade teacher received 14 bins of my teaching supplies/materials.

Now that we are living in our home, our forever home.  Its time to make those final decisions about stuff and also improve our house.  I am going to aim for one project a week; big or small.  Here is the list to keep me focused.

1. Install new pulls on kitchen cabinets (already have materials)
2. Get window coverings
3. Install bench under window
4. Install plate rack above window
5. Clean out junk drawer

Dining Room
1. Get a dining room table that seats 12
2. Get 12 matching chairs
3. Get a cabinet to display china
4. Hang curtains
5. Empty and reorganize curio cabinet

Living Room
1. Finish the fireplace
2. Hang handprints
3. Hang family pictures
4. Get a sofa table
5. Clean sculpture and bring it inside
6. Sort gaming drawers

Family Room
1. Sort books and send to preschool
2. Get window coverings
3. Clear off Cherry book shelves
4. Organize picture drawers
5. Sort and organize kids workbooks

Laundry Room
1. Sort through bin of receipts
2. Sort through bins of extra new toys
3. Organize extra food storage
4. Need foam rug for folding area
5. Clean out 3 drawers
6. Move construction stuff to garage

C's Room
1. Organize C's room
2. Paint C's room (in all honesty Papa will complete this)
3. Get new door
4. Fix closet door
5. Assemble book case
6. Get baskets for books

E's Room
1. Organize E's room
2. Paint E's room
3. Get window coverings
4. Put twin bed in room

1. Install new pulls on upstairs cabinets (already have materials)
2. Organize hubby's closet
3. Hang shoe storage
4. Hook for robe
5. TP storage solution needed
6. Move construction stuff to garage

1. Make shirt quilt (already have the materials)
2. Make C quilt (already have the materials)
3. Make Gary quilt (already have the materials)
4. Complete blog book for 2010, 2011, 2012
5. Complete Shutterfly book for remodel

Boys' Room
1. Hang Escher prints
2. Get more baskets for books
3. Better small LEGO storage

Boys' Bathroom
1. Finish hanging towel rods in boys' bathroom (already have materials)
2. Install door stop

1. Child proof the door

LA Room
1. Get a new full-size bed
2. Attach mirror to dresser
3. Sort through cabinets above the closet

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