Sunday, October 21, 2012


I moved out shortly after my mom married Tom.  I didn't think much of their marriage.  It was fine.  I was happy my mom had someone, but I didn't really it had much to do with me.  Then as I started having children and Papa became a part of our lives I became really jealous of my younger sister who had had a relationship with him when she was still in high school.  I made a real effort to include him in the lives of our children, but was still working on my relationship with him.

Nine years later I can honestly say I don't know what I would do without him.   He loves and adores my kids as if they were his own.  That alone is enough reason to love him.  But he treats me like his own daughter.  He takes care of me and does the man stuff when my husband is gone.  When a heavy rain storm comes he will dig out my flooded front yard, do the heavy lifting, check my car and on and on.

The last 3 weeks were really hard with my husband gone.  And we are smack dab in the middle of our remodel project.  There are a lot of decisions to be made and my husband is largely unavailable due to travel and the time difference, but I have been able to rely on Papa to give me his advice and support me when the Tile guy doesn't agree with my tile choice.

Recently my car was making a ca-thunking noise.  Papa decided to check my oil before I took a long drive up a mountain to the next county over.  Sure enough, I was out of oil.  I would have burned up my engine for sure.  Then when the mechanic said I needed more work, Papa called 'his guy' to make sure I wasn't getting ripped off.

He gets it done.  He doesn't settle back and sit on his laurels.  He advises me on everything.  I know my life, and the lives of our children, are richer because of him.  I tell my mom quite often that if she divorces this loving and caring and thoughtful man that he is getting us in the divorce - or maybe she is getting an appointment with the neurologist.  I stand by that statement.  Papa is the best.

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