Saturday, September 1, 2012

The UPS Man Knew

Saturday at noon the UPS man drove up to our house and honked the horn.  A stampede of children ran out to the truck to meet him at the curb.  Connor retrieved his package and held it to his chest like a prized possession because it was.  The kids came thundering back in the house searching for scissors to open the box.  "My LEGOs, My LEGOs!", yelled Connor as he shook the box.

Connor received a box of LEGOs overnight as a reward for his second grade STAR test scores.  It has been quite the to-do at our house the last two days.  Connor received 100% in 6 out of 9 test areas only missing 4 questions on the entire 125 question test.

The child is smart.  Scary smart.  Seriously though, I am scared.

Now we are anxiously awaiting the mailman so Lainy Ann can get her scores.

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