Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thank You.

Its tough having a bunch of littles when you have a big kid.  Lainy Ann has a late soccer practice once a week so the kids and I sit in the car for an hour watching movies.  Its less than fun, but we decided a long time ago that we would raise our 5 children as if they were from a smaller family.  After all, its not their fault that we decided to have a large family.

I bathed and jammied all the kids and let them choose any movie to sit and watch for one hour.  I figured it couldn't get much better than that.  I had my laptop in the front seat to watch hulu.  I was actually looking forward to the downtime for an hour.  Eleanor is still rear-facing since the new recommendation is 2 years old.  However, she has managed to crick her neck just right to see the tv while she is rear-facing.  It wasn't perfect, but it certainly was safer.

Thirty-minutes into the movie there is fussing and complaining.  So I loosened her car seat, just a tad. Well, the stinky little baby wiggled her way out of the car seat, stood in it and popped her head over my headrest.  "Hi!", she exclaimed.  I let her play a bit until she found the overhead radio controls and turned off the tv.  Twice.

I gave up.  She needed to be buckled.  She needed to be able to sit comfortably the rest of the season watching movies.  So,  I flipped her seat.  In the parking lot in the dark.  I managed to let her stay seated as I unhooked the LATCH.  Then I turned it forward facing.  She exclaimed, "Thank you!"  Which just shows that she has been needing to be 'big' for a long time.

I guess there is no other summary needed.

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