Saturday, September 22, 2012


For the past 7 years we have lived in a small house.  Quite frankly, there have been some benefits to that.  For instance, I could clean the whole house in just an hour.  Also, if we lost something, well, it couldn't be far away.  It was pretty easy to eliminate the kitchen and bathroom as harboring the lost item.  That narrowed it down to just a few key spots.  We would find things in no time.

But now that the house is 3x the size it used to be, that means 3x the places an item can be hiding.  We have had more lost items than usual the last few weeks because of the amount of moving and storing we are doing every time a new work crew shows up.  In addition our darling youngest is mobile.  And takes things.  And hides them.  Fun Times.

For the last 2 days we have been looking for William's cleats.  We have one.  Can't find the second one.  We even *shocker* cleaned the boys room in pursuit of the right cleat.  We eliminated the kitchen and bathroom and felt it couldn't possibly be in the master bedroom.  Two days we looked.  We even had a back up plan of borrowing a pair.  Eventually, I sent Lainy Ann to the bedroom to put clean clothes away and she found the cleat on the floor . . . . next to another cleat that is a size smaller.

The light bulb came on.  The toddling princess and her obsession with shoes was to blame.  She had been wearing 2 mismatched cleats around the house.  What I thought was quite adorable turned into a real nightmare as we scrambled to find the shoes.  I imagine there will be more of these incidents between now and when the house is finished and properly babyproofed.  

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