Sunday, September 23, 2012

Drinking Wine

Kids play the silliest games.  I love that they use their imagination.  I really do.  But some of these games are truly ridiculous.

Their newest game is "toasting wine".  I have no idea where they got the idea to this game since we do not drink wine, nor do we toast.  But during dinner I will find the children toasting with their water cups.

Tears poured down my cheeks yesterday when I heard William call out "To Jacob and Paul".  Seriously.  Tears.  I don't know if they understand what exactly that means, but it sure did mean the world to me to hear them say it yesterday on the twins' 7 year anniversary.  It means that I truly have succeeded in ensuring that my five living children know and understand that they have two brother's in heaven.  That has been my only hope.  That our family does not forget Jacob and Paul.

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