Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eleanor's Mommy-gene

Its been quite different watching Eleanor grow up versus Lainy Ann.  I was still on training wheels when Lainy Ann was growing up.  I was far more concerned with all those pesky milestones than the differences between girls and boys.  Plus we didn't have a lot of 'girly' stuff in the house.  Lainy Ann's toys were blocks, cars and books.  No pink stroller or car seat for her when she was an infant.

As such I have gone a little overboard with Eleanor; always dresses and bows, a pink car seat and there are now far more girl toys in the house - mostly Lainy Ann's cast-offs.  So its been quite entertaining watching Eleanor feed the dolls, push them in grocery carts and give them blankets.  Her mommy-gene has been ready and waiting.

She has been known to comfort Alexander when he is crying.  Its pretty cute.  She will walk over to him and hug him or pat him on the shoulder.  Just recently we were out to dinner and she tried feeding ice cream to her older cousin, Drew.  His ice cream was gone so it seemed natural to give him a bite.  Definitely a mommy in the making.

It drives Caskey crazy knowing that she is already a little woman - at less than 2 years old she is displaying all those mothering-qualities.  Never mind she is the youngest in the family.

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