Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The worst part of remodeling

Every 2-3 days we have a whole new set of rules for the house.  Its like having a toddler.  The boys see some cool new trenches and they then start some sort of WWII game of jumping and shooting and hiding.  Sounds like innocent horseplay, right?  Well, the little ones can't quite make the jump and they end up falling, or they start causing the trenches to cave in.  Right before my eyes the hard work that has taken 4 full days is falling apart.  So a new rule is made "no jumping" or "no dirt".

Today the stairs to the upper floor were completed, the subfloor was nailed down as well.  Its all very exciting and we have promised the children we can go upstairs together with adults in a few minutes.  But they run up there anyway. Yup, on the 15 foot high platform in the sky with no railing.  All thre boys.  The three year old and the one who trips over his own feet.  When they fall they will land on power tools, rebar, rocks, etc.

Today's rule is "no stairs".  Who knows what tomorrow's new rule is.

Other new rules:

No playing in the Porta Potty
No throwing rocks
No sword fighting with the workers 2x4s
No poking with the nails
You must wear shoes outside
Stay out of the dirt
Stay off the joists
Stay out of the trenches
Stay off the wood pile

The list goes on and on . . . .

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