Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventures in Remodeling

When we first started exploring the idea of remodeling/adding onto our existing home I dismissed it.  I felt it would be selfish and a waste of money.  We could continue to deal with one bathroom for all of us.  The boys could squeeze in tighter.  Perhaps, it was just our materialistic society that demanded so much space for sports gear, homework station, book storage.  Families 50 years ago lived in these small houses; in fact, our own home is 60 years old.

We finally took the plunge and decided to join the two houses together.  I still felt a little selfish about it.  Like I wanted to strive for a magazine house that had nothing to do with raising children and making sure their life was better.  Sure, they would sleep better at night since they would have their own rooms.  It would be great to have more than one toilet . . . . for many reasons.  And it would be nice to be able to host large parties inside, instead of just during the summer months.  But I felt really selfish in moving forward with our decision.

I assumed that remodeling would be horrible.  The kids would be miserable.  They would be cranky.  But I figured it would all be worth it in the end.

But now that we have started remodeling, we have started on a whole new adventure.  Not just the 'wow, the workmen are in my living room while I am still in my jammies' adventure.  The kids are loving the remodel.  They are loving it when the cement truck comes to pour footings.  They are loving watching the workmen.  The men are even nice enough to allow my kids to help bend rebar once in a while.

The boys are LOVING the remodeling process.  I will find William and Alexander sitting on top a dirt pile about 3 feet from the workmen with huge toothy smiles on their face.  They just adore watching the work being done; rebar, nail gun, digging, screwing, sawing, all of it.  The boys like to take extra wood and sword fight on our temporary bridge.  We have talked about chimneys, siding, tile, new bedrooms, paint, etc.  The list goes on.

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