Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

In celebration of Leap Day the school decided the children should have Wacky Wednesday.  Aside from being wacky there were no instructions.  On Wednesday morning 3 children were to be 'wacky'.

Connor decided to wear 3 shirts, one of them backwards.  I suggested he wear hair bows, Lainy Ann's t-shirt (a white screen printed shirt), Lainy Ann's Girl Scout sash, and a variety of other things.  He finally decided he should wear 3 shirts.

Lainy Ann decided that wacky included a party dress, tiara and a different backpack than normal.  She said "[a different backpack] is really wacky".  Yes, my rule follower with order and planning thinks merely changing her bag constitues as wacky.

William embraced wackiness.  He put on a white undershirt with a tank top on top, backwards.  Then he put on blue jeans and red Hawaiian shorts over them.  William likes to stand out and be different.  He is always wacky and the life of the party, surrounded by lots of friends.

It was so telling watching the three personalities play out on Wacky Wednesday.

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