Friday, March 30, 2012

Plumbing First

I have five children and quite frankly, I thought I had been through it all.  And the things we hadn't been through yet I was hoping to skip, but Eleanor decided trouble with toilets was not one we would skip.

I have retraced the steps and figured out what happened.  While we were getting ready for school one of the kids (my bet is on Lainy Ann) left the bathroom door open.  Eleanor is pretty smart.  She now goes into the bathroom and closes the door so I won't spot her right away.  Caskey had left already and was actually in the air on the way to San Fran, so it was me, 5 kids, making lunch and getting to school.  As I was doing the mental checklist of who still needed to pack lunch and put on shoes I realized Eleanor was not dressed yet and I set off to find her.  I was dismayed to find her in the bathroom, plunger in hand, soaking wet.  Blech.

No time for a bath, so I stripped her down and washed her off and dressed her for drop offs.  Fast forward a few hours . . . . after I used the restroom the toilet was running slow.    But since we were in a hurry somewhere else I ignored it.  Fast forward another few hours . . . the toilet is still running slow.  I plunge and wait and eventually it drains.  I am now on toilet patrol.  I am the only one in charge of flushing (to prevent over flowing) and everyone has to ask permission to use the restroom.  Fun times.

More plunging by me and Caskey and then plumber was finally called.  I love our plumber.  He comes out whenever I call, even after 5 pm, and then finds a way to charge me the least amount.  Thursday at 5 pm he comes, right in the middle of dinner, bath, etc.  I put Eleanor in the playpen to keep her out of the stinky mess while the plumber uses 2 types of snakes to no avail.  Then he removes the toilet (letting our quite a stench) and snakes it backwards.  Finally!  The stuck item is found.  Its a lotion bottle of lanolin - apparently it was Eleanor's final say that yes she is done with nursing.  The flexibility of it is what made it so difficult to dislodge.  The plumber headed home at nearly 7 pm at night after a lot of hard work.

But this morning the toilet is still running slow!  Ugh!  I am now thinking that there were 2 lotion bottles sitting together and she stuffed them both down the toilet.  I'm going to be pretty cranky if I have to buy a new toilet.  Miss Eleanor is determined to still have "firsts" even though she is the fifth.  

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