Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Home

I cried the day we closed escrow on our current home.  I feel badly mentioning it but its the truth.  We rushed into purchasing our home because, quite frankly, we didn't have a choice.  We were living in a hotel for a bit, then an overpriced fully furnished apartment.  We were flushing money down the drain every month.  The market was hot.  Very hot.  We had put in bids on several houses.  We got into a bidding war on a house  that was out of our price range.  We had offered the asking price and they wrote us a letter asking how much more we were willing to spend.  What?!  None, thank you.

There were exactly 3 houses on the market in our price range and location range when we purchased this one.  The only reason we got it is because we knew the previous owners from church; we were not the high bid.  I still cried.  I thought it was an ugly small house.  I thought it was small, too close to a major street and our neighbor was a wash.  I worried about street noise, wash bugs and having one bathroom without a bathtub.  The kitchen was dated and the flooring was peeling.  And I was 7 months pregnant with a 15 month old.  Caskey consoled me by saying it was a temporary home and we could move when the prices came down.  

Within a month of purchasing the house we started making it feel more like home.  We replaced every single doorknob in the house (germ-free) so they were uniform.  The entire interior of the house was repainted loud wonderful colors that I love (Thanks to Papa Tom).  I had a sunshine yellow bathroom and kitchen.  My loving husband installed a white picket fence and tore down the ugly chain link fence.  Over the years we continued to improve the house; new sprinklers and sod, removing a few messy fruit trees to expand our yard, removing a dog run, a new a/c system, a closet in the 2nd bedroom.  Eventually we did bigger projects like a new kitchen and flooring.

Although I started to love our home for what it was I still hated it for what it wasn't.  It wasn't very big.  It didn't have a bathtub or even a second toilet.  It didn't have a garage.  But I think the real problem was what we need.  We are a family of 7, there is no getting around that number.  We are currently squeezed into 1,300 sqare feet of space, no garage (that is important because all of our storage is in the master bedroom).  There are 3 bedrooms with 3 boys in one room.  Did I mention there is only one toilet?  Oh, and we have a cat too, at least he gets his own toilet.

So we have been perpetually house shopping.  Forever.    Thanks to online websites and my extensive must-have list we haven't had to actually hire a realtor.  In the last seven years there have only been 3 houses that had potential.  Did I mention we are picky?  With our large family size and our desire to stay in the area it limits our housing potential to about 100 houses in a 80,000 square foot area.

If I ever do find the perfect house and move I think I will cry.  I have been pregnant in this house with 6 of our children.  We have had baptisms, first birthdays first steps, and First Communion in this house.  We have had water fights and wrestling matches.  We have had stitches and broken arms.  Three of our children have learned to ride a bike in the street in front of our house.  I will mourn our house; our ugly, too small, never-wanted-it house.

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