Thursday, March 1, 2012


Its hard to believe it has been 9 years since she made me a mother, since she made us a family, since she said 'hey world, here I am. Ready or not!"

She is still that spunky girl, with her own ideas about things, always trying to balance between her Lainy-Annness and the rest of the world. She sees what the other kids are doing and then forages her own way. She is a leader and fiercely independent. She is bossy and usually right. She is a doer, a planner, an instigator (both in good ways and in bad). I have no worries about her future. I just worry about us getting there together, as mom and daughter, loving each other always. We both tend to be a tad stubborn. And loud. And right.

Tell me your favorite memories or stories of Lainy Ann. I want to save them all and give them to her one day.
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