Friday, March 30, 2012

Done Nursing. Forever.

I didn't really have a plan for nursing Eleanor.  She is my baby, so there was no urgency to weaning.  There was no swollen belly in the spot she liked to sit to nurse.  So we just kept nursing.  She was down to nights only, occasionally before nap time.  It was obviously no longer for nutrition and only for comfort.  But she is my last baby.  So we nursed.

But I wanted to live too.  I wanted to go away with my husband for the weekend.  I wanted to go away with my mother too.  So I did.  And I figured if nursing survived the separation - Great, if not - then it was okay.  Nursing did survive our first separation in December when Caskey and I were gone for two nights.  I borrowed an electric pump (which was a new experience) and kept up my supply and kept me comfortable.  As soon as I saw her she asked to nurse.  She was 13 months old.

My second overnight away was at 16 months.  My mother and I spent 2 evenings in Anaheim at the Religious Education Congress.  She had a rough few nights.  I pumped to help relieve the pressure.  I got home and she didn't ask to nurse.  I didn't push the issue since I wasn't really sure I wanted to nurse any more.  We were already 3 days into weaning, so I kept it up.  The next day I had to pump again to make myself more comfortable.  She still didn't ask.  I was pretty sad about it - the last sign of her babyhood - but it was good we were moving on to more grown up things.

Then on Thursday morning she squished her finger in a drawer.  Big tears rolled down her cheeks and she asked to nurse!  Um, its a little too late for it now, I thought.  My supply was dwindling and I wasn't going to start it up after 5 days of weaning.  I distracted her.  She forgot about it.

But the real nail in the cross was on Friday when I discovered Eleanor had flushed my lanolin cream.  Apparently, I don't need it anymore if she is done nursing.

Its okay.  She is on to bigger and better things . . . . like the top of the kitchen table.

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  1. How could you make time to write all these cute stories?