Monday, February 6, 2012


There are many trophies in my house. Many of them are from soccer, not tournaments or wins, but trophies given to children for merely showing up to games. They don't even need to participate. In fact, one could argue they are my trophies since I paid for the season and schlepped kids too and fro. These trophies collect dust, fall, are under the bed or used at swords. But a few weeks ago 2 medals made their way into "mommy's special cabinet" along with a pinewood derby car.

Connor, a wolf (2nd year of cub scouts and only 7 years old), won first place in his den. Then he raced against the whole pack (approximately 70 other kids) and won 2nd place. Can you believe it?

These 2 medals are the first trophies that have been truly earned in our house. Connor chose the design for his car all by himself, he sanded and painted his car. Daddy helped glue in the weights and lube the wheels (due to dexterity and the messiness factor). I am so incredibly proud of him. And as you can tell from the picture, he was pretty proud of himself.

Way to go, Connor!
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