Saturday, February 11, 2012


Occasionally I get a phone call from the school, "Hi, I am calling from your child's school" My heart drops.  I hold my breath.  I wait.   In those 30-seconds my brain runs a million scenarios.  I start trying to remember if I heard sirens scream by my house.  Where did I put my shoes so I can run out the door.  The secretary always ends with "can you send in that yellow form?" or "your child scraped his knee".

Every mother I know has that same fear when the phone rings and its your child's school.  I think today's events are a reminder as to why that worries us so much.

It started on Facebook, people were posting rumors of a students death at CVHS.  Then, also on Facebook, the news reports came in; Glendale News Press and LAist.  They all confirmed that a student had died at CV today.  But all I could think about are the people who would be getting "that" call from the school.

I wanted to jump in my car, drive to the elementary school and scoop up my children.  The incident happend at the high school, a 1/4 of a mile in the other direction of the elementary school.  But it didn't matter.  When you hear tragic news you want to collect your family and hunker down.  Its the protection instinct in all of us.

Soon after I got a phone recording from the principal of the elementary school.  She was calling to inform us of the fatal fall at CVHS.  I lost it.  I burst into tears.  I remembered the bomb threats when I was at school (always false alarms), the death of a student in 1991, all of my high school memories came flooding back.  The fear those students must be feeling.  On top of that my own fears as a parent, placing myself in the shoes of the parents who got *that* call today.  So much sadness.

Today I am thankful that the school has only called me in regards to minor issues. And I pray for peace and healing for the students at CVHS and the family of the boy who died.  I'm sorry that they had to get *the call*.

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