Friday, February 17, 2012

Say Yes

I said Yes.  I have a hard time with Yes.  With the different sleep/nap/pick up/homework schedules its so much easier to keep half of the kids quiet with a movie or video games while I am trying to help or nap the other child/ren.  Today is no different.  Eleanor has been cranky and sleep deprived for a good 2 weeks.  First it was a cold, then teething, now I think she is trying to transition to a once-a-day nap, but honestly I am not sure what is up with her.  She decided to take an early nap.  The little boys were playing outside, but then were naughty and had to play inside as punishment.  They decided to launch cars and airplanes off the bed and see how far they would go.  Yup, metal cars (hot wheels) and metal planes onto my bare wood floors.  Did I mention that my room shares a wall with the boys room?

I said Yes.  It was hard.  I helped gather pillows and place them all over the floor.  The kids are half naked sitting together on William's bed experimenting with metal cars and flight.  They have been mostly quiet.  Mostly.

I really need to endeavor to say Yes more often.  After all, this Yes-play is education for them.  Its fun.  But its also education.

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