Saturday, February 11, 2012

Marshmallow Game Take 2

After the tearful yet educational end to the Marshmallow Game the first time I promised the children we would try again.  So we did.  This time the experiment was a little different.  I only had the 2 little boys at home; William and Alexander.  They were eating an afternoon snack and they both reminded me "our marshmallows!".  They were excited to try again.

We reviewed the rules of the game and I put out one big marshmallow for each child.  Alexander and I talked specifically about not picking off bits of the marshmallow.  William wanted to know if he could lick his.  I puttered around the kitchen getting a meal together for Eleanor, keeping a watchful eye.  When they asked if they could eat I told them "yes, but then you only get one".  They told me they wanted to wait.  They both sat at the table patiently and made up a game to play to pass the time.  No one got down from the table.  No one asked, "is it time yet?"

I ended up leaving the room for a bit.  Then the timer went off and I briefly forgot why the timer had been set.  The children hadn't.  They hollered and whoohooed.  They were very proud of themselves for waiting.  They said.  "We did it.  We waited.  We get 2!"  They were very very proud of themselves.  Alexander said, "I did it mommy!" multiple times.  I was really excited to see that they are getting it and understanding about delayed gratification.

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