Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Being Big

I think being 3 has been a lot harder on Alexander.  He has 3 bigger siblings to look up to.  His best buddy, William, is growing up a lot faster, than the other kids did.  Since these 2 siblings are 2 years apart (as opposed to 18 months and 22 months) it seems Alexander has to wait longer.  Alexander is the only child at Robbin's Nest and will be next year too.  All the other kids had a sibling there with them.  Since we made the decision to put William in Kindergarten at Monte Vista it seems like he is even bigger since he is going to a big school, has homework, and goes to school before Alexander every day.

Each and every day poor Alexander is reminded he is younger/different than the big 3 kids.  It has to be rough.  Just this morning he says to me, "I wish my school were next to their school" and "I can't wait until I have homework and a Thursday folder".  Last night the argument was because William wasn't sharing his homework with Alexander.  We found him some 'homework' to do, but its just amazing to me how *big* he wants to be.

There is more disappointing news on the big/little front.  I just realized that Alexander misses the cut-off for soccer by 8 days.  For the last 2 years he has cried, complained, whined and thrown tantrums because he doesn't get to play soccer games, go to practice or have a uniform.  We have suited up every Saturday with snacks and headed to the field.  Its been a constant reminder.  I thought he would be able to play this coming fall season in the U5 division, but the cut-off is too early.  :-(  I do not look forward to a whole new season of sadness.

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