Saturday, January 28, 2012

Too Tired to think of a Title

As most evenings go, I updated Caskey on all the highs and the lows of the day.  I told him about the trials and triumphs of each child.  I told him, "They were good today".  I then went on at length about all the things Eleanor seems to be learning.  She really is getting good at communicating despite her lack of words; she points, and goes and gets things to communicate her wants and needs.  She adores playing with her siblings.  ADORES.  I had been doing fittings of superhero capes with the older kids and not to be left out, she walked in front of me, turned her back and waited for her turn with her cape.  After I snapped her cape around her neck she ran off for nearly an hour, hiding behind the chair, playing Legos.    She has tried to leave the house recently, 1 more inch and she will be able to open the front door and really leave.  I went on and on about what a good girl she is and what a good job she is doing growing.

Bedtime came and it took 3 tries to get her to sleep.  She slept for 90 minutes and woke up.  After another 90 minutes of trying to get her to sleep Caskey went for a long drive and she finally fell asleep in the car.  She thankfully transferred to her bed and slept for another hour.  I nursed her after that and managed to get her back to sleep for another hour.  It was a rough night, followed by a morning of having 4 other children that needed assistance.

I should have knocked on wood last night after I sung her praises.

**In all fairness Eleanor has a cold and slight fever.  She wasn't just being stubborn, she truly felt bad and couldn't get comfortably to sleep.

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