Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jonah and the Whale

Today's reading was the story of Jonah and the Whale.  Fr. Tim's homily was wonderful.  It was accessible to the adults in the audience and the children.  Fr. Tim explained that Jonah was told to head East and spread the word of God, instead he headed West.  He was swallowed by a big fish and spect 3 days in the fish's stomach (like the 3 days Jesus spent in the tomb).  He spent those 3 days reflecting on the task that God gave to him.  When he was spit out of the fish's stomach he decided to head East as God had directed.  The whole reading is about second chances.  God gave Jonah a second chance.

We had a second chance in church today and the children were angels.  Well, not perfect, but certainly better than last time.  They followed along in the book.  They folded their hands and sat quietly.  Eleanor was content to suck her thumb even though it was passed her bedtime.  Evidence of the fact that they were well behaved is that I was actually able to listen and comprehend today's homily.  It was pleasant.

As we left church and stayed after for a donut (to reward the children's good behavior) several people approached me and told me how well behaved the children were.  A few people told me they remembered when the oldest child was born.  They told me they have loved watching our family grow and we have a wonderful family.  It was such a stark contrast from the last time we were at church.

I guess we got a second chance too.

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