Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We Found Jesus!

and Mary!

But its not quite what you think.  I hate losing pieces and parts of things.  It drives me crazy.  But darling Eleanor, like the 4 siblings before her, is going through the snag and drop phase.  She finds something that grabs her attention, carries it through the house and drops it randomly.  I am missing quite a few containers of carmex, wii motes, tv remotes and most recently our Little People Mary and Jesus.  I thought it would be great for the kids to really play with and enjoy and remember the true meaning of Christmas.  What it turned into was me chasing down the angel and 3 wise men every few minutes.  But then Mary and Jesus went missing.  For 2 weeks.  I cajoled the kids into helping me look. No luck.  Then I told them if we can't find Jesus then we can't celebrate his birthday with presents.  They didn't believe that one at all.  So, yesterday as we were walking out the door to spend the kids Christmas money on Skylanders I put a bounty on their head; $5 each.  That is half a Skylander!

I gave a few hints; under the couch, next to Alexander's bed, under William's bed.  Connor was victorious.  He had found Jesus.  I happily gave him $5 to spend on Skylanders, because let's be honest. I was just going to buy them for him anyway.   This way he feels he earned the money and spent it on his own.

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