Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Letters

Christmas hasn't gone as planned this year.  With the winds, a husband and wife weekend and a very busy end of quarter we didn't get things Christmassy and decorated as soon as I would have liked.  We finally got our tree and stockings and decorations up in the house.  It was a lot of fun listening to the kids ooh and aah over the ornaments and exclaim, "I remember this one" and "Where is my blue one?".

Once the house was decorated Santa made is annual visit and delivered letters of encouragement to the children.  They awoke to nicely wrapped letters on the kitchen table with magical un-melting snow sprinkled all over (yeah, thanks for the clean up Santa).  Lainy Ann was so excited to find the letters that she woke up the two little boys.  There was squealing and jingling all morning long.  Lainy Ann decided she HAD to take her letter to school, so we let her.  We let our 8 1/2 year old daughter take her Santa letter to show her 4th grade friends.  We had to.  

At the end of the day I received this email from a parent I don't know, but she apparently knows us.  

Thought you may want to know...     
This morning, your daughter told some of her classmates that Santa paid her home a visit.  Despite some doubts from some of her classmates, she was confident enough that she told them, "I have proof!"  She quickly showed her letter from Santa to her friends.  With red ink and all, her friends questioned her less.  When the assembly was over, she excitedly walked back to class with strong pride and believe of Santa on her mind.
I think it's really nice to see young kids with strong Christmas spirit. 
Speaking of Christmas spirit, you may enjoy this story.... 
I was so touched by Lainy Ann's strong believe that I mentioned the story to my pest control guy whom happened to come by today.  In return, he shared his story with me.  He said one time he visited a friend with two young daughters to drop off some gifts at their house.  The girls enthusiastically told him that Santa gave them two bikes. They too were so certain that they were from Santa that they proudly pointed the "reindeer paw prints" on their bikes to him.  After the girls walked away, he went up to his friend and said, "You know, those are rat prints.  You need to put some rat traps in your garage." 
In any case, hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I took away many things from this email.  Number 1, my daughter is a strong, confidant young woman who does not allow peer pressure to sway her opinion and belief.  That will serve her well in the rest of her life.  Number 2, our Christmas spirit has once again touched someone outside of our family. 

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