Monday, December 12, 2011

Parental Adventures

We spend a lot of time talking about all the adventures the kids participate in.  But I realized that Adventure isn't just for them.  This weekend Caskey and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary, out of town, for 2 nights, with no kids.  That in itself is an adventure.  I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I am going to be away from my kids.  So I spent most of the week ignoring the fact that we would be leaving.  I spent the time doing Christmas chores and packing the kids.  Well, that really showed when I discovered the night before we were going away that I had nothing to wear.  Oops.

Our first adventure was to go shopping.  I was looking for something fashionable, easy to wear, warm and comfortable.  I spent 2 hours shopping, and then failing.  Caskey felt bad too, he was sorry he couldn't be more helpful in finding the right clothes.

The next morning we got up early (or normal for those parenting types) and got all the children readied for the Robbin's Nest Holiday Festival.  But once the kids had made all of their crafts and sung their songs we were outta-there!  We dropped the kids at Grandma  Lou's house and set off on our next adventure.  We went to attend Accomplice Hollywood.

I would like to tell you about all the fun and antics and laughter and my sore feet.  But I was sworn to secrecy.  So let me tell you this.  Get your closest and funest friends together and go.  Its worth it.  Wear tennis shoes and be prepared to have fun.  Its kind of like a mystery train ride but walking and in Hollywood.  Its part scavenger hunt and part live-theater.  Its 100% fun!  I want to go to NYC now for the East Coast version.

Then we drove to SLS Hotel where we would be staying the night.  I did little to no research on the hotel since it was where the Google Party was being held.  The goal was to be able to have lots of fun and not have to drive home.  That part worked, but the hotel. . . . . while it wasn't gross or bad it just wasn't my style.  It was designer, which is the nicest word I can think of using.  Every surface was mirrored or reflective, but with the low lighting I just felt like someone was following me around.  Plus the room was small and poorly arranged so Caskey and I kept bumping into each other.  Just strange over all.  It was not functional - finding a convenient outlet was a challenge.  Then there was the 2nd mirrored door into the bathroom.  I guess it was so you could brush your teeth and look at the person in bed?!  You couldn't see the tv from the bathroom, so I'm not sure why there was a sliding door you couldn't use.  Oh well, it was only one night and the bed was comfortable.

Sunday night was a concert.  I don't normally go to concerts.  I'm a little ADD.  I feel like music is something you do in addition to something else; music while driving, music while doing housework, music while dressing.  Sitting and watching music is boring for me.  So I was worried I would feel that way again and my Mother's Day Tickets would be a big waste of money.  Well, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Straight No Chaser was a fabulously entertaining group.  They are an accapella group who have some original arrangements, but they also cover older songs, but switch it up.  Kind of like dueling singers, plus bad dancing.  It helps that they are cuties too!  Caskey was not looking forward to 2 1/2 hours of Christmas music, but he even got into it as they covered Michael Jackson and Cello Green.

Our hotel the 2nd night was more my speed.  Lots of nice dry wall, a regular bathtub and toilet.  Lamps on every night stand with a plug.  The bonus is the balcony with a view of the ocean.  Beautiful.  *I* had set the heat before we left the room (something that is not normally allowed) and we came back to a sweltering room.  It was literally 80* in the room (which is why I'm not allowed to touch the heat).  So we opened the balcony doors and closed the blinds and went to bed.  We could hear the waves from our bed.  It was lovely and relaxing and so quiet.  I am rarely around that kind of silence.

Today is our last planned day of adventure.  We were going to attend a tv show taping, but I am feeling anxious and nervous because Lainy Ann has a science test I want to help her study for.  But its only fitting that I cut our 10 year anniversary short since I cut our honeymoon short as well.  I miss my kids when I'm not with them.  I think we will go back early, maybe see a movie, get a Christmas Tree and study for the science test.  Not exactly romantic, but definitely a parental adventure.

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