Monday, December 12, 2011


Dear Jordan's Mom,

I know William is adorable. We like him too. But please don't steal my child. I know you think you are helping me by walking him to my car. But walking him to my car and putting him in your car and driving him to our house WITHOUT TELLING ME is not the same. Its kidnapping. You owe me, my family and most importantly +Lainy Cullen an apology. Thanks for giving us all a few more gray hairs. Also, thanks for reminding me to have another 'stranger danger' talk with my son. 


William's Mom

Yeah, this is not what I meant when I said I wanted more Parental Adventures.  *sigh*  This was my Google+ status today.  I get a panicked text from Aunt Lainy about not being able to find William and that Jordan's mom had taken him to our home.  It took me a few seconds to place Jordan's mom since we are not friends.  I don't know her last name and we have not exchanged phone numbers.  After about 20 minutes it was sorted out.   The school was able to call her on her cell phone and tell her to bring William back.  *sigh* Just when I was starting to get comfortable with leaving the kids with babysitters.  


  1. Leslie,

    I'm indulging myself by taking a break from studying. I realize that I haven't read your blog in over 6 weeks! Reading this blog gave me the chills all over again. I was so freaked out when I realized that William was NOT at school when I went to pick him up. Then, the casual attitudes of the school personnel really caused me to panic. Thank God one of my old classmates worked in the office and realized that I was not "calm" and believed me when I said that I was supposed to pick William up. Questions, such as, "Are you sure his mom didn't pick him up?" and "Are you sure today is the day that you are supposed to pick him up?" did not help. Thank God everything worked out in the end. Did the school ever talk to you about this? - Just curious.

    1. The school told me it was my fault for not notifying them that you would be taking him home. I told them it was the mother's fault for taking my child (a mother I don't know), putting him in a car without a car seat and driving him around. The mother later approached me and apologized. Be assured she has kept her distance from us every since.